Accessible Heroes - Brian Lotti

Getting in touch with your favourite pro skateboarder was almost impossible in the nineties. Back then the majority of pros were hard pressed to be earning enough money to even have a phone connected.

I knew a guy that tried to call Gershon Mosley. Gershon had a profile in 411 Video Magazine where he mentioned that he lived in Boise, Idaho and my friend Dan made an international call to the Boise operator and asked for G.Mosley. After all the effort (and money spent on international calls) he only ever got to speak with Gershon's dad...

Last year I found Brian Lotti's email address in the bio on his Instagram account. Brian was one of the most influential skateboarders at the time when I got my first board, so I thought it'd be nice to feature some of his work on the Come Sundown blog.   I emailed Brian and asked if he had any content that he would care to submit. Within twenty four hours Brian had sent me a study he'd made for a painting he was working on (see below). 

Thanks Brian!