There are a lot of places in AUS that don't get a lot of "coverage". I'm not saying that is necessarily a terrible thing, but there is an incredible variety of awe inspiring landscape that may get slightly swept under the rug, especially if it's near something world famous as is the case here (Uluru). I thought I'd take the liberty to share some places that I've been to or wish to go in AUS that aren't as well known as others.

First is Kings Canyon which is part of the Watarrka National Park in the Northern Territory, sitting 320 kms SW of Alice Springs. There are 3 walks/hikes but the Kings Canyon Rim Walk traces the top on the canyon taking around 3 hours to complete and is literally one of the coolest things I've ever done. Go there at sunset and your head will explode from awesome OD. There are also places to swim at the bottom of the canyon/middle of the Canyon Rim Walk which are Australia's equivalent to an Arabian oasis considering the temp potential of 45 degrees Celsius or more in Summer months.

Also, if you ever go there, the beginning of the Canyon Rim Walk is very aptly named "Heart Attack Hill". Steep and gruelling but is all very worth it if you survive. Don't be a pussy. 

There are also so many other things around Kings Canyon that are equally mind blowing including meteorite craters, gorges, big wild camels etc., and if you don't want to drive there the resort near it has it's own airport. Resorts are for the weak though, so camp under the stars and fend off the venomous snakes/spiders/scorpions/ants/jellyfish with an old fashioned fire stick and chill the fuck out.  


Hit me up Tourism Australia, let's get involved.