Goodnight and goodluck, John Price.

On the 29th of February, 2000, John "Pricey" Price went to bed in his Aberdeen, NSW home, after having some drinks with friends. Later in the night, his on again-off again girlfriend, Katherine Knight woke and seduced him. After he went back to sleep, she stabbed him with a butcher's knife. Pricey tried to escape and managed to crawl to the hallway where he was stabbed another 36 times.

Knight, an experienced abattoir worker, decapitated her now deceased partner and skinned him before hanging the skin in one piece on a butcher's hook from a doorway in his house. She cooked various parts of his body and served them on plates with vegetables. Each plate was accompanied by a card baring the names of one of Pricey's two children (who she intended to serve the meals to). A third plate was found on the back lawn, partially eaten (by Knight).

Police found Pricey's head in a pot on the stove with more vegetables. The rest of his skinned body had been arranged in an arm chair with one arm draped over a 1.25 litre coke bottle and its legs crossed.

As of October, 2001, Katherine Knight became the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.


Pricey and Katherine in happier times.